How to exit the matrix in 6 easy steps

How to exit the matrix in 6 easy steps

How to exit the matrix in 6 easy steps 

How to exit the matrix in 6 easy steps

Virtual reality introduced in Matrix images is created by a computer and people live in this artificially created reality.

If you spend some time and pay attention to the reality in your daily life, you will find a surprising discovery. Because our everyday reality is the same as the movie virtual reality.

Our virtual reality is not generated by the computer, but comes from our mind, our constantly flowing thoughts and feelings. So we live in captivity of the matrix of our thoughts and feelings. Let us see what are the properties of this matrix and how to get rid of them.

1. Step. A world of permanent change

We follow our desires and unfulfilled dreams. We are fascinated by wealth, power, prestige, joy and a happy life. All these are hidden behind the powerful iron gate that stands before us. Because of our ambitions, we pursue different goals in life. We always want something, we always want to achieve something. This fickle crowd is whipped into fear of how we still want to be. We are never satisfied, we always want something else, we want to be better, more beautiful, and wealthier than we are right now.

In this way we will continue our goal until death, when we realize how meaningless the whole thing is. But why these goals are futile, we immediately begin to protest. Conflict is caused by the different nature of forms and shapes, because every form and shape of their world is subject to permanent change, birth and death. We lose what fascinates us, because everyone goes out of this world with empty hands, and all who achieve their goals live in the magic of the past and the future.

Step 2. Spiritual quest

Nevertheless, we seek the protection of sustainability in our lives. We want to find out what lies beyond the world of sustainable change. To do this, we become spiritual seekers.

We begin to attain enlightenment as the first stage of spiritual discovery, thereby self-identification in the world of shapes and forms (which is outside of us) in the hope of reaching a state of eternal bliss. We want to be a dogmatist, a great master, a higher spiritual experience that expands our consciousness. If it is not found here on earth, we will find it in another world, the heaven of one religion.

We use the mind as a medium of spiritual discovery. It is through the mind that the purpose of the ego is to create forms beyond the mind. In this way the mind creates a mental image of enlightenment, discovery and happiness.

Mental images are generated through a comprehensive process of the mind. For understanding, we also need information, so we collect bits like a busy ant. From books on religion and spirituality, to listening to lectures and engaging in conversations, we seek to test the information, thoughts, opinions and experiences they need. The same goes for spiritual experience. If we gather enough experience, we believe that as a result we will reach a certain point and increase their spirituality.

These mental images inspire efforts to apply mental images at the level of everyday life, making these images a cornerstone of our lives. Achieving spiritual goals gives us only momentary satisfaction, so continuity, after achieving a certain goal, requires us to begin working for new goals. The mind produces new mental images, and the demand begins again.

Step 3. Stop

How to exit the matrix in 6 easy steps

We keep on demanding until we are finally exhausted from the process and finally discover its true nature. We stop making spiritual demands. So far we have realized that all the goals we are looking for are within us.

We stop when we recognize the activity of the mind and refuse to follow it at all times. With the help of the mind we realize that we cannot cross the mind. Stopping is the passive moment of the mind, the silence between thoughts. In that silence, we experience consciousness without forms, and we realize that we are not really thoughts. Then we leave the spiritual seeker, with all the accumulated knowledge and superior spiritual experience.

4. Step. Travel inward

It is the inner journey that takes us beyond the matrix of the mind. Once we embark on our journey, we will leave the world and everything that hinders our progress. We leave out the unimportant things to focus our attention on the unimportant. This is accomplished through major psychological cleansing.

When we start doing that cleansing, we will soon face a huge rush of thoughts, thoughts, thoughts and emotions associated with all of these. After a while, we realize that we need to ignore our trivial matters and trivialities, because these things can go wrong in light of our inner journey. Then we are alone, and we realize that we are not finished yet. We are still getting rid of the shadow we believe in ourselves.

5. Step. The Jogging: Coming Home

Jagaran is the awakening of consciousness to our existence through the form and shape we have previously identified with ourselves. After a great cleaning, there is nothing but empty space.

But if we take a closer look at the place, it is filled with consciousness, that is inner peace, serenity and peace. Then we realized we were at home. Whatever happens in that inner space now, we must experience it. We must experience what life has to offer at that particular moment. The experience of the previous moment does not have to bear the burden of the next moment.

Then the question arises: Have we already gotten rid of the matrix? Nothing is perfect, but we still have one last step to become completely free.

6. Step. Go back 

How to exit the matrix in 6 easy steps

That step takes us to where our journey began. 

In everyday life, we return to the matrix. However, we are different to the departure situation because we have changed so much in our journey. The mind, the ego, and with it, the selfishness vanished from themselves. Nothing, the pulse with life, and consciousness, awakens to its existence and continues with us.

In this way the world is completely different to us. We no longer ask him to flee, and we do not indulge in the acumen of the world. We are now free from all this and the world is now a new adventure for us. We are released into the currents of life and integrated into the universe. During this time of awakening, we help others and share the joy of presence and empathy that happens with us on our spiritual journey.

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