Sunday, August 15, 2021

Basic Types of Online Advertising

 Basic Types of Online Advertising


Online Advertising is becoming the most useful and effective medium for selling products and services.   It is easy to do and can give instant results; more and more companies are using it nowadays. Even for regular business, online advertising seems a practical and smart endeavor. 

The internet is the most populated market today. And to think the internet reaches all parts of the world, it is definitely a wise business move to advertise online. 

Online advertising also targets methods that are allowing companies to reduce costs and ones that are more efficient in reaching consumers that can’t be tapped by traditional venues.

Find out which type of paid online advertising will work best both for your own business and for your website.

Banner Ads. The first form of advertising launched for the web, banner ads draw attention to the product or service being offered. It is packaged through a small rectangular frame that follows a basic HTML code. When viewers click on the banner, it will lead to the business’ page where the rest of the details about the company are shown. Banner spaces are sold either by banner views or by the number of clicks to receive per day.

Text ads. It is presented simply as plain text-based hyperlinks that are enumerated at the sidebars of websites. Text ads are common in e-mail messaging, but are now branching out to more web pages. Although this format is not appealing as graphical ad, text ads have the advantage of downloading instantly, plus these are not affected by blocking software.

Display Ads. The exact opposite of text ads, display ads are graphical presentations that use eye-catching exaggerated visuals to catch the viewer’s attention. This form of online ad is very experimental in terms of shape, size and placement, and is encoded using Adobe Systems Flash or GIF. Display ads are used more for stronger branding of a particular product or service rather than for getting direct responses from viewers.

Pop-up Ads. Probably the most hated form of online advertising, pop-up ads can contain text, graphics and even sounds that emerge on a separate window before you are able to access a particular website. Entrepreneurs are discouraged to use this kind of web advertisements because of the resentment shown towards this kind of online advertising.

These are some of the online advertising techniques that you can consider using. You can either do just one or a full-blown advertising campaign. Either way, it is guaranteed you will get favorable results.

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