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How to Increase Your Blog’s Conversion Rate Without Doing Loads of Work

How to Increase Your Blog’s Conversion Rate Without Doing Loads of Work

How to Increase Your Blog’s Conversion Rate Without Doing Loads of Work

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 Blogging is much more than how many people you are able to attract towards your site. But traffic is often paid too much attention to. A blogger should not only focus on getting traffic to His or Her site. 
A successful blogger makes his viewers his clients, subscribers and buyers. 🙂

1.Less options: In order to improve your blog’s conversion rates, the side bar a suitable place. Some blogs use their side bars for all kinds of things. They have a widget with the display of the current date, archive, categories, tags and other plug-ins. But most of these do not serve much purpose. Your side bar should have less number of options because the viewer will be confused by a crowded sidebar. He will not be in a position to decide which one to choose. A blogger should consider subscription form, author bio, popular posts widget and banner ads or affiliate products he promotes. A simple side bar would invite huge traffic which would eventually become subscribers, clients and buyers.

2.Pop-ups: A general notion is that pop-ups are intrusive. They are intrusive when you want something loaded in Google and a pop-up appears suddenly on the screen blocking the things you badly need on the screen. The truth is that most pop-ups can be configured. There is an option in the settings of plug-in whereby you can choose when you want the pop-up activated. This reduces the discomfort you undergo when pop-ups block the information you so much wanted.

3.Dynamic widgets: Consider a blogger promoting a product as an affiliate. When a visitor buys that product we say a successful conversion happened. Affiliate marketing can be increased by placing banners on a sidebar. A static widget does not do any good for the blogger. A blogger must make sure that his resources are competent enough to meet the visitor’s requirements.

4.Faster blog: Though loading speed of a blog is not directly related to the conversion rates, conversion rates can go up by a faster-loading blog. Bounce rates go high because of slow loading times of blogs. 
Most of the visitors of blogs do not want to wait for a slow-loading blog, but they prefer to skip it and go to some other faster-loading blogs. Therefore, the loading speed of a blog is an important criterion which helps to attract a wider range of visitors. If the blogs are known to the visitors beforehand, the case is different. They might want to wait for that particular blog to load, otherwise chances are less that they will wait for that slow-loading blog.

In order to increase the conversion rates of blogs a blogger has to consider the placement of his opt-in forms and he has to prioritize his call to actions. A blogger should also have the right widgets display at the right time.🙂

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