Best Binoculars for Bird Watching

Best Binoculars for Bird Watching

 Best Binoculars for Bird Watching


Finding and purchasing the best binoculars for bird watching can be a very confusing activity. There are wide range of binoculars on the market each with their own set of features and characteristics. With each different set of features comes a wide of range of prices. Picking the best pair of binoculars for bird watching is a personal choice.

It is recommended that you first consider what type of bird watching you will be doing and then find out what characteristics are needed from a pair of binoculars for the type of bird watching. Once you have determined the type of bird watching that you will be doing and the features needed from a pair of binoculars to make the experience worthwhile, then you look for a pair of binoculars that fit your needs.

How to Choose Binoculars for Bird Watching

In bird watching, there are several different circumstances when looking for and observing birds. You may be looking for birds over a long stretch of a wide open area like a shoreline or over a lake. Or you may be looking for birds in a wooded forest with tall trees all around you. Because of the contrasting terrain that you may be observing birds in, there is no one best set of binoculars to pick for bird watching.

Whether you are new to bird watching or an avid birder, you will most likely want more than one pair of binoculars. You will need to look for a set of binoculars that has features best suited for the terrain that you will be observing birds from. However, there are some binoculars that are considered to be a good all round birding binoculars that will work sufficiently in a variety of different situations.

Once you have determined whether you want to buy a good all round binocular or if you want to buy a high performing binocular that is best suited to a specific terrain, then you can narrow your search to a handful of available binoculars.

Probably one of the best approaches to choosing the right pair of binoculars to buy for bird watching is to first find out what features are important for the type of bird watching you plan on doing. After you have determine the features that are important your type of bird watching, you can then do some research on-line to determine which binoculars most of the features that you are looking for.

In addition, once you have found a list of binoculars that fit the performance description that you are seeking, you can then consider the prices of each pair of binoculars that fits the bill.

The Ideal Magnification for Bird Watching Binoculars

The whole purpose for wanting binoculars is to get a closer view of the birds. So the magnification capability is probably one of the most important features of a pair of binoculars.
Many people probably make the assumption that the more powerful the magnification the better. Bigger is better, right? As is the case in many situations, there are always trade-offs. Some of the trade-offs include:

  • Tighter field of view
  • Less depth of focus
  • Not as bright an image
  • More difficult to hold a steady image

Field of View for Bird Watching Binoculars
The field of view is represents the width of what you are viewing when using a pair of binoculars. A good field of view is essential for all types of bird watching binoculars.

Ease & Speed of Focusing of Bird Watching Binoculars
The speed at which you can change the focus controls on the binoculars is very important since the birds can move around or fly away very quickly. Therefore, the ease of use of the focus controls is probably as important as the magnification and field of view features.

Size & Weight of Bird Watching Binoculars
The size and weight of bird watching binoculars are also very important. If you are going to be walking considerably long distances, then you certainly don’t want a pair of heavy binoculars to carry. Also if you are going to walking or hiking on a trail, you may want to keep the binoculars in a backpack while walking.
So you must take into consideration the places you will be going to for bird watching.

Best Binoculars for Bird Watching

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