Some interesting facts that you need to know

 Some interesting facts that you need to know

Here are some interesting fact that you need to know like - Which country never has night? 99 percent people don't know...

Some interesting facts that you need to know

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1). What is studied in fossil botany?
Answer: Fossil

2 ) . When was the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana launched?
Answer: On July 15, 2015

3). Where is the tiger reserve located in Uttar Pradesh?
Answer: In Pilibhit

4). Which state of India has only two districts?
Answer: In Goa

5). Which is the capital of Uttar Pradesh?
Answer: Lucknow

6). Which photo is printed the most in India?
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi's

7). Who re-established Delhi?
Answer: Angampal Tomar

8). Which is the second most spoken language in India after Hindi?
Answer: Bangla language

9). Who has given the principle of consumer savings?
Answer: by Alfred Marshall

10). Which is the first state to become the language base in India?
Answer: Andhra Pradesh

11). What is the scientific name of elephant?
Answer: Afilas Indica

12). Which state of India has the highest number of temples?
Answer: In Tamil Nadu

13). Which metal was first used by man?
Answer: Copper

14). Which sports institute is located in Patiala?
Answer: Subhash Chandra Bose Sports Institute

15). Which river of India is known as 'Ganga of South India'?
Answer: Godavari River

16). From whom is turpentine oil obtained?
Answer: From palm tree

17). Which city is located in the delta region of Red River?
Answer: Hanoi Nagar

18). Which country never has night?
Answer: In a city called Heimerfest in Norway, it is dark for only 40 minutes.

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